Analysis Report On The Super Tracker Program

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After completed my Analysis Reports in the Super Tracker program, I analyzed my dietary intake. My analysis was based the comparison of my average calorie intake to the calorie intake recommended to me based on my gender, activity level, height and weight. Looking at the calorie recommendation, I believe the recommended calorie intake is realistic. However, someone in my situation where I am a full time student and work full time, the recommendations are somewhat hard to reach. I do not have the amount of time to prepare my food in order to attain the recommended caloric intake. Based on the results, I am consuming more than, less than, or about the amount of calories recommended. In fact, I am hitting slightly under the 50% range of acquiring an “OK” status. Based on the recommended “empty calories” level, I was able to maintain the empty calories under target. I made it a point to lower my intake by decreasing the amount of food and beverages containing empty calories. The long term consequences of consuming my current levels of kcals will lead to a healthier lifestyle. A 1,200-calorie diet works well for some people, but isn 't the magic number for everyone. I have committed to a long-term weight management which includes healthy lifestyle changes, by getting regular exercise and making balanced, healthful food choices. As I reach my goal weight, I will begin to experiment with my calorie target until I find a range that helps me maintain my weight. Even though I was
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