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Analysis Report of CanGo Veronica Perla BSN460ON Senior Project Dr. John Martin September 7, 2009 Overview CanGo is an Internet startup company that retails an exciting array of products and services, ranging from books and videos to online gaming, and prides itself on providing the best customer service in terms of product delivery and support. The company’s Web site is fun and easy to use; employing the latest technology in Web site development, product innovation, and services is how CanGo strives to provide their customers with the most exciting entertainment. The majority of CanGo’s customers are the Gen-Xers and the Gen-Yers, who enjoy the latest in online gaming and entertainment. Under age, consumers (under 18 years…show more content…
They are comprised of the dreams and inspirations of the organization and where it is headed. This statement also serves as the framework for the organization’s strategic plan. Mission statements are a representation of the organization’s purpose for existing. It should be derived from the vision statement and used as a guide when producing a strategic plan. These three articles would have helped Elizabeth write the Chamber of Commerce speech by providing her with the foundation necessary to provide the potential entrepreneurs attending this meeting the how and why of CanGo’s success. There are a few other internal issues that plague CanGo and may impede its success if not addressed. The lack of project implementation procedures, organizational skills, management involvement and skepticism can lead to poor performance, failed projects, and miscommunication. Implementing a project plan can help keep staff members on course and pinpoint areas that may need special attention. This plan also helps make sure that projects follow specific paths to guarantee timely results. Utilizing the resources that staff members bring to the company will ensure that everyone has the skills necessary to accomplish their objectives. For instance, Debbie Haynes was previously a teacher at the Drake School of Business; she possesses great organizational and teaching skills that can be utilized by CanGo to further develop

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