Analysis Response E: My Opinion Of The Writer

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With technology, we are granted an infinite amount of ways to connect with people around the world and that ultimately affect our romantic relationships for better and for worse. Even after Aziz Ansari’s years of incorporating personal romantic complications into his stand-up comedy, he decided that complaining about the challenges and pitfalls of looking for love in the Digital Age through, OkCupid, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media site, wasn’t enough; he wanted answers. Ansari teamed up with New York University sociologist Eric Klinenberg to better understand how people seek romantic partners, how technology has changed the search for a mate, and how instant communication has opened up an infinite amount of options. Their research included: interviews and focus groups, analyses of past and current behavioral data, plus discussions with leading sociologists. Ansari’s work payed off, allowing him the insight needed to craft his memoir: Modern Romance. Effectively combining sociology with humor, this memoir is highly recommended for fans of Ansari, readers interested in the social media’s impact on relationships, or even singles looking to up their game.

Analysis Response E: My Opinion of the Writer When discovering that Modern Romance was written by comedian Aziz Ansari, I immediately saw it as a joke. My initial thought was that Ansari would not write as professionally on the topic of romance as per say a sociologist, anthropologist, or psychologist. But right-off-the-bat I began to realize how deeply he dug into his research, listing in detail how the findings were conducted.
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He engages the audience by writing in second person, sharing personal stories, adding side notes and colorful graphs/pictures, plus by asking rhetorical questions. What had me hooked was his use of
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