Analysis : Road And Traffic Authority Of New South Wales V Dederer

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Introduction to the report: This paper is prepared in order to understand the IRAC format (Issues, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion). The IRAC format is considered as the standard format for soling the case studies of the law. In this paper, the case of “ROADS AND TRAFFIC AUTHORITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES V DEDERER (2007)” is selected to demonstrate the learning about the comprehension and understanding of terminology of law, particularly the terms used in the Law of Tort. Moreover, critical things and case law searching to solve the case study is also practiced and properly referenced in the solution of the case study. Here is the case study solution: Case Law Solution: Issue: Philip Dederer, a fourteen and half year old boy, hit himself with a disastrous injury after diving from the Froster-Tuncurry Bridge into a river in New South Wales. That bridge was manufactured almost 40 year ago before the accident and since then the river has different behavior regarding its depth and the content in the bottom of the river. On the other side, many individual especially the young adults are used to diving from the bridge but there was no incidence of any injury or damages like that. Another dimension of the case is that the roads and traffic authority of New South Wales (RTA-NSW) is fully acknowledged with the behavior of river and routine of young adults but they never fix any notice and caution board that highlight any danger regarding diving from the bridge. At the end, this Dederer
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