Analysis Road Warrior

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Analyzing the Road Warrior
The Road Warrior sequence when Max first arrives to Tire City is full of action, sound effects, music, camera shots, wardrobe symbolisms, and survival instincts. The Road Warrior (George Miller, 1981). I will be writing about the time that Max rescued a victim (Nathen) and returned him back to his tire people located deep within the deserts. The scene will continue all the way up to when the refinery people come to make a deal with the tire peoples. The movie is set in a time where a lack of resources is desperately needed. The viewer could notice that people in this apocalyptic environment need resources because of everyone desperately needing fuel. There is also a lot of scraps that are being used to build towns, clothes, weapons, and cars. The people of this apocalyptic world are trying to adapt to this environment using up any resource they can. Furthermore, I get a sense that the world might have gone bad due to rioting, nuclear warfare, or global warming because of the town being all the way in the dessert and the deprives of resources. These are extremely relatable to the problems occurring in today’s time. In conclusion, the environment is extremely harsh and the humane instinct kicks in when people have the will to live which was shown within this scene.
Max had just rescued one of the tire people who was left to die by the refinery peoples. The victim (Nathan) decided to make a deal to return him back to his people and Max will get fuel
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