Analysis: Should We Regulate Student Loans And Tuition?

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Should We Regulate Student Loans and Tuition? College is increasing its prices exponentially. Of those who do reach college, most are only able to do so by taking loans and amassing enormous amounts of student debt. This often leaves those individuals in poor financial shape for the majority of their adult lives. College prices have increased tenfold from 1978-2008 and textbook prices are now eleven times more expensive than they were in 1977. Many people start their time as an adult paying their large student loans imposed on them by their college. American education is in shambles. Our schools are expensive, overcrowded, and underperforming. Colleges are taking our money and causing large amounts of student debt. “Various other costs associated with college attendance have risen even more than tuition. Textbooks are now eleven times more expensive than they were in 1977 (Student Loans and College Tuition, 2016).” This shows how American’s are being taken advantage of, and how universities are gouging us of our money. “Because the principal of most student debt is so high, the interest rates must be kept low to avoid a nation of default. Almost 10% of students already…show more content…
As more and more students flock to public schools because the good universities are too expensive, the higher the schools raise the tuition causing many students to fall into debt. This shows how corrupted the system is, allowing colleges to (in essence) steal from us. Many overcrowded colleges have had to turn away applicants that are actually interested in college. This can effectively ruin someone’s education dream. The waiting lists for many colleges have about 7,000 applicants waiting to get into a college. A list that long can take about 3 years until their application gets noticed, where they might not even make it in. Moreover, many U.S. colleges are underperforming due to the large amounts of
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