Analysis : ' Still Life With Oranges II '

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In the paper I would like to focus on a painting that is almost 120 years old, however it appears provocative even today - in the world of contemporary art, where there seems to be no room left for astonishment. What I find so special about this beautiful painting is the technique and the artist’s vision of the scenery. Even though the second half of the 19th century was the time of rebelliousness in the art world, Henri Matisse managed to find his own niche and create his own style of painting. While “Still Life with Oranges II” appears as a primitive piece of work that neglects canonic rules of proportion, shade and volume, it opens doors to the personal world of the artists, where there is a place for imagination and flirting with the audience. Bright colors and swirls of brush strokes celebrate life and create an uplifting mood, which we often under appreciate in a painting. “Still Life with Oranges II” is a traditional portrayal of a still life. There are fruits and crockery, artistically placed on a table by the window on what seems to be a warm sunny day. The composition is quite traditional, even canonic. However, the way Henri Matisse sees it, distinguishes the image from the classical portrayal of Nature Morte. His version is rather abstract that has adapted even a naturalistic and even cartoon-like effect. The color is the dominant figure in the painting - its protagonist and the linking element. It is bright, warm and very harmonious. The colors draw the audience
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