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Gambaran Umum Perusahaan Macy’s (Pertumbuhan Macy’s dari tahun ke tahun) * 1859. Macy's first-year sales were approximately $85,000 with an advertising budget of $2,800. * 1902. Macy's moves to Herald Square in New York City. * 1923. May Company acquire a department store company in Los Angeles, adding to its growing regional coverage in Akron and Cleveland, OH, and St. Louis. * 1930. Bloomingdale's joins Federated. First-year sales for Federated were $112 million. * 1996. Bloomingdale's opens its first California stores with four locations - three in the Los Angeles area and one in Palo is launched. * 2005. Federated begins operating nationwide under two store nameplates - Macy's and Bloomingdale's -…show more content…
| (T4, W4) Cut out more high priced goods to promote the lower priced goods in stores.(W6, T4) instead of carrying all high end brands, bring in more reasonably priced good for all consumers. | Analisis SWOT Berdasarkan hasil yang telah diperhitungkan pada tabel IFE dan EFE, maka diperoleh jumlah skor sbegai berikut: Kekuatan(Strenght) 2,11 | Kelemahan (Weakness) 0,65 | Peluang (Opportunity) 1,28 | Ancaman (Threat) 1,11 | Di bawah ini adalah

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