Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of the Eagle Manufacturing Company

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Case Name: Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation of the Eagle Manufacturing Company I. Major Facts A. Ted Jones has been the supply manager for the Eagle Manufacturing Company for the past two years. B. Although Ted Jones has a great team of buyers, expediters, and support staff who carry out top notch work, the morale in Ted’s department is low. i. One of the senior buyer’s in Ted’s department, Bill Wilson, submitted his resignation. Bill accepted a position at another company where he will be paid substantially more although he will be doing the same work and will be under the same amount of stress. C. The previous month’s performance data for the office shows: 743 transactions, 98 percent with delivery on or…show more content…
e. The head of administration, Mary Jacobs was not satisfied with the quality of the new brand of paper which was constantly jamming the machine thus reducing productivity and increasing frustration amongst the administration department. II. Major Problem A. One major problem is communication between the various department and an understanding of the ins and out of each department and how each function of each department can affect another department in some way. B. Another problem is the quality of the services or products purchased by the supply management department. Because the quality of the services or products were low, the quality of work or product are also low which can affect profit and can also affect the way another department can accomplish tasks. III. Possible Solutions/Alternatives A. Communication would greatly help this situation. For example John, who is a buyer in Ted’s department did not know the $5.5 million estimate on the new robot was actually the amount budgeted for the robot from the previous year. If John, the maintenance department, and even the finance department had been in frequent communication with each other regarding the new robot, John would have had a basis for developing a realistic negotiating objective with the supplier of the robot, Fenwick Electronics. There really is no disadvantage to good communication within each department. B. Each

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