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Strategic Marketing

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Students: Marcus Chau (1155038866) Subrato Chowdhury (1155058345) Rodrigo Gonzalez (1155065430) Michael Ngan (1155040726)
Carolina Quiroz (1155065428)
Marcelo Seguel (1155065429)
Samir Sepúlveda (1155065427)

Professor: Larry K. Y. Poon
Teaching Assistant: Yvonne Ning
Date: May 10th, 2015

Executive Summary 1
Methodology 2
Business Strategy of Tesla in the US: 3
Value proposition and Competitive advantage: 4
Customer, Market and Competitor Analysis in U.S.: 5
Key research findings – China as a potential market 6
Analysis of Tesla in the China Market 7
PEST Analysis: 7
Value Chain Analysis: 9
Key Survey Findings 10
Conclusion from
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Selling its own vehicles in company-owned showrooms and online.
2. Selling powertrain components to other automakers
3. Serving as a catalyst and positive example to other automakers.
Tesla Motors is focused on differentiation strategy, offering electric vehicles to a Premium market with no other comparable alternatives (Tesla Roadster was the first electric sport vehicle in the world), disrupting the market with a high reliability and performance EV (see Exhibit 2 ) coupled with features enhancing customer satisfaction of those customers looking for style and design in an EV. The R&D department is particularly important in order to drive down the costs. The sale of each Tesla car helps to pay for the development of a new and more affordable electrical vehicle, reaching the final objective of create an affordable mass-market of electrical vehicles.
Also to promote the adoption of Electric Vehicles, Tesla has agreed to share its patented technology with its competitors to establish a standard for charging EVs. It is working extensively to provide value to its customers by increasing its network of charging stations and providing free charging facility.

Value Proposition:
Fuel saving.
Luxury and superior design compared with the EVs available in the market.
Environmental friendly, with zero emissions.
Fastest battery charging time.
Truly high performance and high drive range EV.
Wirelesses diagnose, Technical service at home - branded as ‘Tesla

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