Analysis : ' The 9 / 11 Memorial '

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The sky matched the mood of the scene as we walked up to the 9/11 memorial. The first sight that is visible in the area as we approach the exhibit is a small, antique church. In a way, this church symbolizes God’s presence in the crowd of people taking in the scenery. This moment in time, my view of life was changed as I realized the phenomenal event that we recognize with a moment of silence every year is so much bigger than I thought. It’s not until a person explores the 9/11 memorial that they fully understand the sorrow that comes with the memory of our nation’s tragedy. The first thing that visitors can view at the memorial is the giant pools that replace and represent where the towers once stood. The pools shine black with the water rolling to the middle of the pools. At night, the pools are lit so that the thoughts of the victims are constantly in our minds. When I looked over the edge of the pools, the image of the fallen towers rushes to my mind like the water rushing down the sides of the pools. I could almost see the towers still standing and the rushing worker bees buzzing about inside and out of them. This view was astounding. Entering the memorial was like stepping into the unforgotten past. At the entrance of the memorial, a brief moment of relief from the solemn mood comes as you are greeted by the security guards. They all have a smile on their face, and are happy to welcome all visitors to the memorial. Then you enter the exhibit. There is a large
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