Analysis : ' The Agony That His Friend '

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Analysis of AQWF Pages 22-24 Starting halfway down page 22, Paul begins describing the agony that his friend is in, he then goes into detail about every waking movement that Kemmerich endures. By going into detail about such movements, mannerisms and how “he just weeps with his head turned,” we begin to get a more inclusive look into the feelings that Paul is feeling when being sympathetic to his friends. We also begin to grasp an outlook on war that isn’t represented as commonly, the devotion and loss faced with every friend that dies or is wounded. Paul then discusses Kemmerich’s mother and siblings and how he doesn’t speak of them and the line, “now he is all alone” really encompasses the position that all of the younger soldiers are in especially when their friends are killed or missing in action, they feel like they are cut off from everything. Kemmerich then begins to slip away and Paul rushes to find a doctor or a nurse or even hospital administration and the line of dialogue that the Doctor says “I have had five amputees today,” shows the larger side of this, that it isn’t just Paul and Kemmerich that are facing these emotions and these issues but an entire nation is being bombarded with these feelings. Remarque also adds this line to build the world and setting more, by giving the doctor five more patients that he has had to deal with we begin to speculate and create many soldiers that are in these kind of hospitals. After attempting to find a doctor, Paul returns
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