Analysis : ' The Beach '

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By Tracy Bustamanre

Image one – Contemporary issue: Erosion
Description and discussion:
This photograph was taken on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2015. It was taken during sunset and as the tide had gone out, revealing a wider coastline. The world-famous beach is manmade and since 1951, over 80,000 cubic meters of sand has been imported to replace sand lost through erosion from heavy rainfall, sea swells, wind and tropical storms.
With Hawaii’s economy being dependant on tourism and the main source of employment, it is important for DMOs ensure its attractions and services are maintained. The beaches are Hawaii’s most popular attractions but are in danger due to erosion and pollution. Erosion is a major environmental issue that affects many of Hawaii’s most famous beaches and is a natural phenomenon. However, the building of structures on the coastline and the formation of sea-walls can speed up the affects. This can impact on the marine life, coral reefs and water quality. As the most popular activities for tourists are based in natural surroundings, it is important to not only ensure the safety of tourists but to maintain the natural environment for future generations. In response, Hawaiian DMOs and environmental government organisations work closely to: educate visitors and residents, regulate what activities tourist can and cannot do in specific areas, organise beach clean-ups and plan beach maintenance strategies. Some…
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