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¡Bien Viaje! My abuela tells me bien viaje, or safe travels, every time I leave Nogales, Mexico. Nogales, Mexico is located south of Tucson, Arizona, by an hour and a half. Just across the border in Nogales, Arizona, I was born. Once I cross the border, I exchange the rest of my pesos for dollars at a casa de cambio. From there I make my way to Phoenix via a shuttle. It’s not until the wheels of the plane leave the ground that I realize just how much it all means to me, and how grateful I am to be Mexican. Per, 93% of Bemidji State’s students whom graduate are of Caucasian background. Even within that small percentage of minority students, only 1.6% of students whom graduate are Hispanic. Being an hour and 40 minutes…show more content…
The Spanish term for what I am is chicano; chicano is a term that can be used for Mexicans who live outside of the country, but is predominantly used for Mexicans who live in the US. Despite being chicano it becomes more strange as my mom and dad are Mexican and Norwegian, respectively. My Norwegian blood endowed me with a red-tint to my facial hair; this along with my tan skin makes for an odd pairing that becomes even more apparent in the summer. Distinto pero son mismos Who knew that the manner of preparing dried cod could vary so much between two cultures. In the Norwegian culture, what my father is, dried cod, or lutefisk, is usually prepared by a boiling or a baking method. The final result is a fish that can be described as appearing “flaky” with evident layers, however, the feel of it once it is in your mouth is something much more like a pate that is slightly oozing. On the other side of the spectrum, in Mexico, the dried cod, bacalao, is a stew-like dish where one can hardly tell that the renowned fish is even an ingredient. The stew consists of a variety of ingredients; some include: olives, potatoes, cinnamon, guero chiles, green onions, a white onion, and family to enjoy it with. While some of the produce is the same in both meals, such as both having potatoes and the cod product, the appearances are polar opposite with the Norwegian style being white with maybe a gravy
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