Analysis: The Family Law Act of 1975

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A Critical Analysis of; Alexander, Renata (2010) "Moving Forwards Or Back to the Future? An Analysis of Case Law on Family Violence Under the Family Law Act 1975 Introduction The status of women in society has evolved over time. In the ancient days, the place of women was determined by the male population, and the elected for them was under the mandate of their fathers and husbands. Therefore, the law statutory or case law, as a product of society, perpetuated the place of women under the authority of men. This paper will then focus on the status of Family Law before 1975, after the Family Law Act of 1975, after the 1995 reforms as well as the 2006 reforms. Prior to 1975 the status of women was undisputedly submissive to that of the men, in most cases their husbands. The men were by law allowed to chastise their women as if they were children Meacher Meacher. During this time violence against women, which is currently criminal in nature, was sanctioned by the courts of law. In 1975 Family Law Act mainly focused mainly on violence between man and woman and did not seem to identify the effects of violence to the children. The court for instance in Heidt found that the husband was indeed violent against the wife, but however denied her application to issue a restraining order against the husband since his behavior was deemed to not have harmed the children. The custody of the children was given to the wife, and he was given access. In Cartwright, the court blamed the wife
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