Analysis : ' The Five Eighty Eight ' And ' Stone Mattress '

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When I first started thinking about my research paper I planned on using both short stories from my Compare/Contrast essay that focused on abused women who seek their revenge on their abusers. As someone who knows women who have been abused by men and one even sexually assaulted, I feel very passionately about this topic. I wanted to write about the physiological and emotional changes women faced as a result of their abuse. In my first Compare/Contrast essay I talked about boys growing up and going against authority figures. After I read more short stories and considered my other options, I decided to write about abused women for my second Compare/Contrast essay. I used John Cheever’s “The Five-Forty-Eight” and Margaret Atwood’s “Stone Mattress” to show how female characters were exploited and abused by men and exact their revenge on them. I planned on using Zora Neale Hurston’s “Sweat” in my Research Paper because I like how the author characterized Delia Jones and the bread winner of the house and supported the unfaithful, cruel, and childish husband. I wanted to talk about how Delia’s husband’s abuse affected Delia’s personality. I also planned on using F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby to show how Tom’s emotional abuse toward Daisy had effects on her. Patrick 2 After struggling to find literary criticism that helped me show how women’s personalities were affected by abuse, I decided to change my paper’s focus on the role of women in

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