Analysis : The Four Pillars Of Analytics

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fortunate they provide their services around the globe, including places like the United Arab Emirates and Australia. To compete on analytics, they mainly use customer relationship management. As a member of the team, I frequently look to SalesForce to see the newest numbers and maintain the relationships I have created. There are many more approaches to using analytics that enhance the operations of the company.
Describe your company 's position within the pillars of analytics competition? The four pillars of analytics prove to be important in their own aspect. Every business uses the four pillars differently and, as pointed out in “Competing on Analytics,” some of the small business may not use all of the pillars. However, after reading the effects of the pillars, it may be worthwhile for even the smallest of business to try to incorporate these to their strategies to better compete. I felt as though JUJAMA utilizes each of the pillars in the everyday operations of the company. As with any corporation, there could be improvement in each. The JUJAMA team consists of seven people at the headquarters and about twenty people in India aiding our team with technology solutions and I believe we use each of the pillars. The first of the four pillars described in “Competing on Analytics” was the support of a strategic, distinctive capability. A strategic, distinctive capability can be described as the aspect of the organization that will set it apart from the rest of…
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