Analysis : ' The Jetee And 12 Monkeys ' Essay

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The idea of fate has always been a topic debate. Are people actually in control of the course their lives? Or, is it all up to fate? Though La Jetée and 12 Monkeys approach the story differently, the idea surrounding time and fate is the same; no matter how hard people attempt to alter the past or figure out the future, they are stuck in the present, guided only by fate. In La Jetée, Chris Marker tells the story of a man in a post-apocalyptic France who is selected to be a part of experiments because of his recurring memory. Drawing from this film, Terry Gilliam created 12 Monkeys which tells a similar story, but with an American twist. Though each film reflects their own respective cultures onto the screen, they still are able to maintain the same idea that fate cannot be altered. Created near the end of the French New Wave era, La Jetée embodies key traits from this period of time. Marker keeps the production low budget by utilizing single shots with the exception of one clip. Another way Marker incorporated aspects from this time is by casting lesser known actors. With less time and resources being spent on the production and cast, Marker was able to focus more on the creative factors. Each film shows how French and American cultures differ. Gilliam incorporated typical Hollywood blockbuster elements elements. He had to turn La Jetée into something that most American moviegoers would watch. Gilliam loaded the cast with high-profile names like Bruce Willis

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