Analysis: Topic Sentence

Decent Essays
Timed Writing Preparation – Before, During, and After


Marking the prompt
Marking the passage
Class or small group discussion
Practice connecting device to meaning
Practice incorporating text
Examine Sample essays or similar topics


Read prompts and passages aloud together
Discuss prompts before students write at the beginning
Students work in small groups to discuss prompt and passage before writing
Provide rubrics at the student’s desk
Provide a hints or notes page
Begin with more time and slowly decrease time to 40 minutes


Examine sample essays and review the rubric
Compare student essays to rangefinders
Allow time for peer evaluation
Debrief individually, with partners, or as a
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+ reference to journalists shows promise
– problems with the interpretation of “relief” at the end
– contains awkward phrasing, grammatically incorrect
– “their” and “they” are unclear pronoun references
– does not contain a reference to strategy
In chapter 24 of Part 3, Capote creates a sense of suspense and anticipation through diction, syntax, and figurative language.
– does not explain Capote’s creating suspense and anticipation. Whose anticipation and of what?
– references to strategies are vague…diction means words. What kind of diction?
In Part III, chapter 24, Capote uses point of view, extended metaphors, and descriptive diction to contrast the townspeople’s attitude toward the Clutter crime as largely a reaction to the excitement and rumor of what was going on around them to the silent, amazed reaction to the criminals’ arrival to reveal the townspeople’s actual interest in the crime as it has become customary to everyday life.
+ includes reference to technique
+ includes context and detail
+ makes reference to Capote’s purpose [crime became customary]
– needs revising for fluency and clarity
– purpose should be moved to main clause

Look at the examples in this handout of ineffective and effective purpose statements and the accompanying notes. After taking these into
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