Analysis : ' Vengeance '

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Vengeance always seems like an intriguing and reasonable proposition, but the consequences of this action can be easily overlooked. In the heat of the moment, feelings of anger, hate, and frustration overwhelm our judgment and tend to lead to physical retaliation. When we step back, breathe, recollect our thoughts, and analyze the situation, is taking justice into our hands really a positive solution to the matter? Will our actions give us the long term solution we seek, or will the instant gratification wear off only to reveal that we have pushed ourselves further into the void? Seeking vengeance will leave your heart paralyzed, your mind halted, and your future very bleak. When we lose a loved one our heart begins to feel paralyzed, and with this a void can be felt as we know what nothing we do will bring the person back. We cannot turn back the clock and re-live what is now in the past. Seeking vengeance will not fill that void; instead it will have a negative effect. This effect will be felt by those who were close and will now feel like they have been out casted. The heart will turn cold and there will be very few let in. In a reading by Vonnegut Jr. he writes “And it was in that clammy month that the H-G men took George and Hazel Bergeron’s fourteen-year-old son, Harrison away.”(175). Vonnegut was showing a time when two people lost there son in an unjustly way, which left them feeling resentful and heart broken. Within this reading they took there feelings and
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