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Inhaling and exhaling a deep breath, Veronica tried to ignore the ticking in her head that counted the seconds she’d been seated at Dominick’s. Her table was a strategic choice; far from, but angled towards, the door- a perfect position to watch for any man that had the slightest potential to be CA152. Talking to a stranger and daring to meet the man and be nervous about it, there was some silliness in that. Waiting at a table alone, with a rose as identification felt completely silly to Veronica. Wait a minute, was that… Veronica’s watchful eyes caught a glimpse of Logan Echolls, striding into Dominick’s with a big grin on his face.

“Crap,” Veronica sighed, and angled her face towards the cafe’s window, momentarily forgetting
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“No,” Veronica offered a cold smile. “That’s not him. I hope not, anyway.” Watching the old couple order boxes of cookies to go, Veronica winced.

“You hope not? Ms. Mars are you meeting a stranger here? That’s awfully unsafe and irresponsible of you.” Shaking his head and tsk-tsk-tsking his tongue at her, Logan waved the waiter over for two coffees, to stay.

“Not a stranger stranger, and I can take care of myself, thank you.” Tapping her fingers on the table, she couldn’t help but want Logan Echolls to disappear. From here specifically, from life in general; Earth as a whole. “What are you doing here, anyway? Thinking about opening a coffee shop and you wanna know what smalltown holes-in-the-walls you’ll be ousting?”

“Fine, I deserve that one. No, as a matter of fact, I’m just looking to small-time invest in the natural holes-in-the-walls of Neptune. Starting with this cup of coffee.” Saluting the mug to her, Logan blinked with the realization that he’d been given the rare opportunity to see both sides of a person. Publicly, or at least around him, too often Veronica Mars’ mouth was pressed into a firm, straight line, unwilling to compromise her opinion of him. Privately, with CA152, she’d been soft, funny, a source of laughter and an outlet for vulnerability. Sipping his coffee, he watched her eyes move towards the door and then refocus on him. “You

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