Analysis: Walmart Strategic Management

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The WalMart global supply chain is among the most advanced and profitable globally, and is integral to the company's success over the long-term (WalMart Investor Relations, 2013). The WalMart is also one of the most studied firms globally given the success of a capital-intensive business model coupled with an extensive multichannel retail channel strategy (Zhu, Singh, Manuszak, 2009). As WalMart is publically-held there is also an abundance of research available both on their own investor website (WalMart Investor Relations, 2013) and on many investment firms' sites as well. The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate the mission and vision of WalMart, its goals and objectives and how the company's management team has aligned these to the major stakeholders the company serves and relies on.
Analysis of the Mission and Vision of WalMart
The mission statement of WalMart is prominent in their many retail facilities globally in addition to their investor relations materials. The mission statement is "we save people money so they can live better" (Wal-Mart Investor Relations, 2013). The vision statement is attributed to founder Sam Walton, which is as follows: By working together we will lower the cost of living for everyone and give…
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