Analysis: What Happens When My Child With Autism Parents

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Although, each parent will raise their child up to their standards, society turns that into a negative aspect. Society makes that out to be that the parent does not love them “just the way they are.” According to JO’s article, on Autism Parents, states that just because parents decide to put their child into counseling or therapy does not mean that the parents see their child as imperfect. Each child is their own character based on how their parents choose to raise them. By parents putting their child in therapy or counseling might be because they believe that it may help their child in the long run. This is also shown when parents go to enroll their child. Most parents, according to JO’s article, want to keep their child as normal as possible.…show more content…
Once the individual with autism transitions into adulthood, the parents have the right to choose what is best for their child. If that is placing them with another sibling or even placing them into a home where they can receive better care that is up to the parents, but society looks at it as abandonment or that the parents just do not want the responsibility anymore. According to the article, What Happens When My Child with Autism Becomes an Adult with Autism?, by Dana Meijler, states “Let’s face it, while the media pounds us with messages of hope for people with disabilities and there are some truly remarkable achievements going on out there, the number of high functioning people with autism who live either without support of some kind or without loneliness and isolation is not very high”(Meijler 36-39). The media and society place such a heavy weight on families with autistic children or autistic adults. Depending on how severe the case is per child is how well their parents can base whether the individual can live on their own, be taken in by a sibling or family member, or placed in home for constant care. Most autistic children, but not necessarily all, cannot make it on their own and will always need to be under someone’s watch and care. As the child transitions into adulthood, parents can teach them basic life skills that may include the following: light cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even possibly driving. Parents that have autistic children may choose to parent their children up to their best knowledge and their
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