Analysis: When I Consider How My Light Is Spent by John Milton

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Herberth Portillo
Professor Montgomery
English 112
February 19, 2013
“When I consider how my light is spent” Analysis
John Milton’s’ poem “When I consider how my light is spent” is a great piece of art that he creates during his blindness. The sarcasm and the word choice in this poem also have a great impact on how he masts feel. Milton also presents us with a key point on how God plays an important part in his point of view and his life. One of the best thing of this poem is the tone and the feelings that where put into it. Looking at John Milton life through one of his best piece of art “When I consider how my light is spent.”
Milton starts the poem with a feel of sadness and a sense of being useless, and this is so because of his
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Milton is confused to what he should do and soon ask why this has happen to him and what should he do with his live.
““Doth God exact day-labor, light denied””
“I fondly ask. But patience, to prevent That murmur, soon replies, God doth not need Either man’s work or His own gifts. Who best Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best.” (1050)
As we can see he answers his own question saying that he doesn’t need to work for God or give him gifts but just believe in him and continue with his day to day and be patience. He also states that he should not worry about satisfying God because he is served by thousands and if he waits kindly they will also serve him. “thousands at His bidding” and “They also serve who only stand and wait” (1050). John Milton blindness might have stopped him from during many things but he surely didn’t stop doing what he loved. He continue writing and doing his day to day living for he might one day have to present his Maker an account of his live and his faith. “Milton’s faith in God seems to give him the courage to face his life despite his blindness. It is this faith that seems to give him courage and patience to cope and also gives him the hope that salvation lies for those who wait in patience (Darr). John Milton continue with his live even though he was blind but this didn’t stop him because he was doing what he loved and also because of his faith in God.

Milton, John.
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