Analysis: Yan Toh Heen

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1. Duddell’s

A trendy restaurant on Duddell Street, Duddell’s has been a food haven for anyone who delights in art and good food. The restaurant features many art pieces and its interior furnishings give off an artistic ambience. Duddell’s authentic Cantonese dishes could also be enjoyed anywhere within the establishment, may it be inside the dining room, the cozy salon and library upstairs, or head up to the garden terrace to enjoy the sun.

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2. Yan Toh Heen

Yan Toh Heen is one signature restaurant of the Intercontinental Hotel that is famed for its excellent panoramic view of Hong Kong and innovative Cantonese cuisine. Guests are captivated by its savory dishes, elegant jade table settings and contemporary interior design. Yan Toh Heen’s very own golden scallops with minced shrimp and fresh pear has been a signature dish since 1984.
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Ngau Saam Gun

Ngan Saam Gun is one of the fine restaurants in Hong Kong that features a modernistic Chinese style. Antique Chinese solid wood furniture, the traditional style of folding the door and window as well as the brightly colored cushions and bamboo ceiling provides an ancient and cozy atmosphere for its guests. The restaurant also offers a variety of food items and wine to choose from, and some of its best sellers are the Chinese beef carpaccio and mozzarella-stuffed beef

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