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Grayson Messick Mrs. York English 2 Honors 5th November 2016 Stairway to Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin one of the most influential bands of all time, with over 200 million albums sold, Led zeppelin took the 70s by storm. Despite being beat down by critics the fans loved the music Led Zeppelin put out. Before their big come up bands like the Beatles were living in the lime light of fame. Led Zeppelin set quite a few records in their time, one being “Stairway to heaven” the most played song in all radio history. Led Zeppelin all started with guitarist Jimmy Page. Before Page was apart of a band known as “The Yardbirds” along with Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton. But sadly “The Yardbirds” had spilt by 1968 and went their separate ways. With that happening Page had set out to create a new band. Jimmy Page had some trouble when it came to finding new members for his band. Page had asked singer Terry Reid to join but he was unavailable but Reid had recommended Robert Plant, who then later suggested drummer John Bonham, and last but not least Page asked John Paul Jones to join the group after a few sessions together. ( Led Zeppelin consisted of members Robert Plant (singer), Jimmy Page (guitarist), John Paul Jones (bassist) and John Bonham (drummer) and Peter Grant as manager. Now the band was not always known a Led Zeppelin , the band first went around touring as “The New Yardbirds” . The bands first ever show together as Led Zeppelin was on October 5th , 1968 at

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