Analysis and Action for a Community's Health Essay

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Community: Riverdale Riverdale is an upscale community in the Northwestern corner of the Bronx bordered by the Hudson River, Broadway, the Bronx/Westchester county line and the Harlem River. It is accessible by the BX buses 7, 9, 10, & 20, the 1 & the 9 train, the Bee Line 1,2 & 3 and the Metro North Railroad. It is also accessible by the Henry Hudson Parkway. Riverdale is apart of Community District 8 and the 10471 zip code, which includes Kingsbridge, Marble Hill and Spuyten Duyvil This community is composed of many hills and slopes, which can be a potential danger during the winter months. In most areas, the pavement is relatively smooth but some sidewalks have chunks of uneven and unsteady rocks. There are also green…show more content…
Because of the temporary nature of construction work, it is safe to assume that it would not disturb the entire community. Economically, Riverdale seems to be an affluent community. The assets to the neighborhood would be the private schools, colleges, banks and various religious centers. As for liabilities, none was present on our tour of the neighborhood. There aren't much large chain stores like K-Mart or Old Navy in Riverdale and the only ones we saw were CVS and Eckerd. There aren't any fast food chain restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, etc. The shopping area is composed of ice cream parlors, art galleries, wine stores, pet shops, flower shops, "Korean" stores for your Caribbean products, jewelry stores, pizza shops, pharmacies, gift shops, etc. We saw just 2 laundromats in the area. It can be assumed that residents here do their own laundry at their homes. We also saw a few dry cleaners on the main road. For recreation, Riverdale residents don't have much of a variety of activities. Nearby Riverdale is Van Courtlandt Park. Located here is a Riverdale Equestrian Centre where people can go horseback riding. There are parks in the area such as Spuyten Duyvil Playground and Riverdale Playground but in general, there are no recreational centers. Similar to recreational centers, there wasn't a large number of clubs or associations. The only thing that would count as a club was a fitness center for women. The dominant religion
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