Essay on Analysis and Interpretation of No Angel

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At some point in everyone’s life, we lose someone that is close to us. It is a very natural part of the human life and we all have to process it in our own different ways. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the loss of a loved one. In the short story “No Angel” from 2010, Bernie McGill processes this theme. In the short story, a girl called Annie loses her entire family. Bernie McGill writes about how she copes with her grief. In the following essay, I will analyze the author’s use of supernatural elements as a gateway between the living and the dead. The main character in ”No Angel” is a woman whose father has recently passed away. We are told that she has a boyfriend/fiancé . Even though she is technically being “haunted” by…show more content…
The story is composed by flashbacks. We jump from flashback to flashback. The story starts “in medias res” and thus begins in the middle of an important event. Here the story starts with a flashback to the first time the main character sees her father after his death. By the use of the flashbacks, we also get to know the characters that are important for the story. The author also uses a lot of dialogue between the main character and the father. This makes the story seem more real and it helps the reader to create a good image of the father. Most of the short story is set in modern times. The part where Robbie and her mother dies is set in the 80’s. Northern Ireland was not a good place to be in the 80’s. That was during the conflict between the Protestants and the Catholics. It is told implicit in the story that Robbie was killed with his religion as a motive. We are not told what religion the family has, but that doesn’t matter. It was a rough time for both sides of the conflict. No-one were safe. Everyone were scared for their lives. The mood in the story is very dark, which is not very surprising given the obvious theme of death. There is a definite use of supernatural elements through the whole story. The main character experiences what we might call ghosts, or angels. She handles it very calmly, though, which must be because she is still mourning the loss of her family, and when her father comes back for her, she can’t be angry or
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