Analysis and Interpretation of ‘a Death in Bethany’

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Analysis and interpretation of ‘A Death in Bethany’ In this paper I will give a plot of the one act play ‘A Death in Bethany’ which I have read. The play is written by Garry Williams and is a play about a separated couple that has a hard time dealing with the consequences of the husband’s leaving her and the children. Afterwards I will make an analysis of the story and at last I will interpret the play to find out why the characters act the way they do. ‘A Death in Bethany’ is a one act play which takes place in a small living room. There are three characters in the play. Roz and Henry who have two children together and also had a relationship before Henry left Roz six months ago for another woman. The third character is a man named…show more content…
Both Henry and Roz talk with a tough language almost all through the play. When they talk about their feelings colloquialisms are not that frequent anymore and their dialogue and sentences become longer. The theme is connected with the title ‘A Death in Bethany’. Bethany is a biblical village where Jesus calls Lazarus back to life, who lived in Bethany, back to the living after he has been dead for four days. In this one act play, it is the feelings between Roz and Henry, which come back to life. Most of his life, Henry has tried to live like his father, but now that he is dead, Henry realizes that what really means something to him, is Roz and his children. They loved him with all of their hearts, but he found out too late. The theme and message is love and forgiveness and how to get the person you love back into your life, mostly it is a lesson learned for Henry, but also for Roz, that she now listens to her heart and forgives

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