Analysis and Recommendations of Zara's Strategic Plan

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The analysis and recommendations of Zara's strategic plan Strategic position is concept which is concerned with the impact on the strategy of the internal resources as well as competences, external environment as well as the influence and expectations of the stakeholders. Together, these factors work together within the socio-political framework of a given organization in order to provide the basis of comprehending the strategic position of a given organization as pointed out by Johnson and Scholes (2005).It is crucial to take into account the organization's future while also assessing whether the current organizational strategy is a perfect fit with the existing strategic position. If this is not possible, then the given organization must determine the changes that it needs to make as well as whether the organization is capable of effecting these changes. There is a need for Zara to develop a superior strategic position that would results in improved organizational effectiveness. Strategic positioning in this sense therefore refers to the ability of Zara to perform various activities than its rivals or just same activities in a completely different way. The model used by Zara in the achievement of strategic position is informed and supported by its core competencies and resources. Even though the model in itself could be extremely easy to replicate, the use of technology is necessary in the creation as well as enabling of novel approaches to organizational strategy in a

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