Analysis and Summary of Flight Essay

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Activity #1 FLIGHT A kid named Zits who lives in seattle, whose only fifteen years old. He’s tall, skinny, ugly, and is sometimes mean. Also he has forty-seven zits and that’s where he gets his name from. Zits is Irish, Indian and is a foster child. He had been in twenty different foster homes and in twenty-two different schools. He also likes to run away from the homes. One morning he’s in a new foster home and wakes up, and walks downstairs. “Goodmorning” said, the foster mom. Zits just look at her like he didn't care what she said, then the foster Dad told Zits to reply to the foster mom. “No” Zits said. After that they got into an argument…show more content…
“Kid wake up” is what Zits heard as he awakens. when he looks in the mirror he doesn’t see himself, but sees a another person. A man in the other room keeps calling him “Hank”. “that isn’t my name”, Zits says to himself. So Zits checks his wallet for an I.D, and as he finds it he sees that this Hank person is a FBI agent. As he steps out the door Zits see a sign that says “Red River Motor Inn”. when he see this sign he remembers the civil war in Red Rivers. As Zits tells his partner Arts about this war in 1975, Arts looks at him like he was a ghost and tells Hanks(Zits) that it is 1975. In Zits mind he thinks he is in hell because he remembers getting shot and dying. “Am i in hell” he ask. As a response Arts says “ i'm sorry, but i think your mind just snapped”. The next day Hank(Zits) wakes up in the hospital. Arts tells him that he passed out on the job and had been brought to the hospital. He falls asleep again and when we wakes up he doesn’t wake up in the hospital but in the middle of a indian camp. As he is looking around he see that he is a little boy indian. A man is waving at him to come over here. “thats probably this little boys father” says Zits. But he cant hear anything, and wonders why? Zits finally realizes that this is where the indians get slaughtered by the U.S cavalry soldiers. He was right they had came but they was out number and the indians. When he close his eyes an
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