Analysis and Summary of 'The Letter to the Colossians'

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Colossians Introduction: In the passage, The Bible instructs the population that Christ passed away for the sins of mankind. It provides instruction for all of mankind and allows human beings to accept their gifts and their faults as well. The reader of the passage is asked to impart these lessons and apply them into their everyday lives. The letter to the Colossians is intent to both explain Christ's position in the world and to assert unequivocally that he was indeed the son of God and was the leader of men and also above all men. Besides being instructive on the philosophical basis of Christianity, it also serves as a lecture about the dangers of false prophecy and obedience to people besides the lord God himself. Historical-Cultural Background: Following the death of Jesus Christ there was a desire in his followers to spread his messages and to build the church which would teach his word to as many as would listen and embrace his ideas. At this time, there was as yet, no unified instruction about how to teach and spread Christianity. Consequentially, there were many different variations and interpretations of the words of Christ being cultivated and taught as the very word of the Lord. This was obviously before the writing of The Bible as a completed work and so those who wanted to participate in the Christian religion only had access to the stories and instructions through the oral repetition (Lewis 2010). When information is passed down orally as opposed to the

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