Analysis and Use of the Management Cycle

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The memorandum provides a review of the relevant literature concerning the respective advantages and disadvantages of this addition, followed by the rationale in support of its adoption.
Planning. An indicator of quality emergency medical services care is measured by how frequently the PAU achieves a 4-minute response time (Pons, Haukoos, Bludworth, Cribley & Markovich, 2008). Although an 8-minute response time is followed by many communities, this guideline has not been shown to substantively improve patient outcomes; however, a survival benefit has been identified when the response time was within 4 minutes for patients with intermediate or high risk of mortality (Pons et al., 2008).
Organizing. On the one hand, the use of PAUs as addition to the emergency department extends the reach of medical facilities, including mobile coronary care without sacrificing normal control systems (Gee, 2007). On the other hand, though, a study of a community with a comparable population and demographics…

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