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Executive Summary 3M Singapore controls many market leading brands in their various markets, such as Post-It®, Scotch® Tapes, Scotch-Brite® and Command™. In this report, we will be focusing on the brand – Command™. We aim to address the problem of the erosion of Command™’s competitive advantage in its increasingly competitive industry by providing improved/new BTL strategies which Command can undertake. Based on our survey, there are 2 interesting findings which we aim to tackle through our recommendations. The first of which is that consumers could not differentiate Command™ from 3M. In other words, they viewed Command™’s products as “3M hooks” rather than “Command™ hooks”. This could lead to a brand dilution of 3M in the long run which…show more content…
Hence, Command™ face increasingly level of competition from less established brands such as Shunmei, Magic Mounts® and LEC which positions itself as cheaper alternatives of Command™ products. These competitors offer consumers products similar to Command™- able removes cleanly and easily-. Their imitations of Command™’s USPT and competitive pricing strategies have been eroding Command™’s competitive advantage; compromising Command™’s standing as the market leader. 2.0 The Problem, The Issues, Our Objectives 2.1 Issues With the new entrants and less established competitors competing head-on with Command™’s core competency-positioning themselves the in a similar way as Command™ but charging at a lower price-, it will erode Command™’s competitive advantage and possibly alter consumer’s perception of Command™. Figure 1 illustrates the current positioning by Command™’s close competitors. Price Quality Command Competitors Price Quality Command Competitors Figure 1 Consumers ' Perception 2.2 Problem These issues pose a problem to Command™ if left unresolved – Command™’s standing as the market leader and the prestige that it enjoys will be eroded. As competitors mimic Command™’s products, it is imperative to differentiate itself further and convey to consumers about the premium product it offers. 2.3 Objectives To ensure Command™’s continued success and position as the market leader, it is crucial to discover consumers’ motivation in
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