Analysis of Abbi Glines´ Fallen Too Far

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This book deserves to be on the best of young adult romance 2013 list because it includes detail. The author, Abbi Glines, makes Fallen Too Far, easy to follow along to. The book also consists of conflict. The first paragraph lays out the story, and throughout the book, more is being added on to the story. Just like school, every year students come back and relearn the material, but in more depth. The book is about a girl named Blaire, who has spent the past three years taking care of her sick mother. When Blaire needed a place to live, she called her father. Who was now living in Florida with his new wife. She falls in love with Rush, her step brother. She knows that she can’t have him. She tries to get closer with him, but Rush doesn’t want her to get too close, because he can’t control himself. Blaire has had an awful few years. Her twin sister, Valerie, died in a car accident. It was her father that was driving. After her death their father left them, and divorced their mother. Blaire’s mother then fell ill, with cancer. Blaire was on her own taking care of her sick mother. When her mother died, she had nowhere else to go. She called her father, and then made her way to where he was living now, Rosemary Beach, Florida. When she got there her father wasn’t there to greet her. She also wasn’t welcomed very nicely by her step brother, she realized it was a mistake to come in the first place. She tried to leave, but Grant, a friend of Rush (her step brother), let her
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