Analysis of Academic Dishonesty Essay

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The easier, softer way is not the road less traveled. In this paper, I plan to use myself as a case study for a look inside the mind of a cheater. I will start out with a definition of academic dishonesty given by our school and hope to go through some valid excuses used by people who cheat. I will also look at how further complications and confusion arises by students and teachers perception of themselves and their role in the problem. I will address the changing culture and how it can be a useful smokescreen that tries to make cheating a social issue as well as a moral one. I will use morality to discredit a view that certain forms of dishonesty are more acceptable than others forms. I hope to end my
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After all, according to a study in Psychology Today, "Forty to 60 percent of college students today would cheat if given a chance (Davis, 1992)." If 3 out of every 5 people are cheating and getting away with it then why does it matter if I cheat occasionally? This method of rationalization is the root of the problem when dealing with academic dishonesty today. There are so many different excuses, many sounding very reasonable that it is very to get brainwashed, especially when it is something a person wants to believe in order to justify wrong actions.

If the lack of morality or the declining deviation of demoralization is the main reason for cheating then it might be useful to give an explanation of morality. According to M. Oakeshott in an article from Human Conduct, Morality is a set of manners, customs, and compunctions that govern how we act and speak in our relationships. We learn morality in the same way we learn a language: by speaking to others and reacting in turn. Morality is also like a language in that 1.) it utilizes grammar, 2.) some speak the moral language or act better than others, 3.) it changes with use, and 4.) there are many different moral dialects.

(1992, p. 92)

Looking at morality from this perspective presents
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