Analysis of African American Culture in the Health and Human Services

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1 An Analysis of African American Culture in the Health and Human Services Setting Introduction Communication has often been defined by scholar as the process by which people send messages and generate meanings across various contexts, cultures, and media. The process of communicating does not stop; it occurs cycle after cycle. Whether through verbal or non-verbal messages, the transaction takes place and is inevitable, named by scholars as The Principle of Communication Inevitability. Recognizing that communication will exist, whether intentional or not, it is important to understand the various areas of our life where communication may be vital to the success of the structure. One important area is focused on human…show more content…
Majority groups are those that have emerged as mainstream, while minorities are identified as the subgroup. Recognition of inequities in health outcomes between different racial and ethnic groups is one step to the battle. Kreps (2006) writes that “minority groups, especial African Americans, experience significantly more serious health problems, such as higher rates of morbidity and mortality, than member of the racial majority, White (non-Hispanic) American health care consumers”. In order to understand that dyadic relationship of health and human service professionals and their patients, imagine the following scenario: James is a 66 year old African-American male. He works a blue collar job. He has a wife of 42 years, 4 children, 8 grandchildren. He has not consistently seen a medical provider for concerns. Over the last 10 years, his grandchildren have worked to make sure that he is having routine exams and check-ups to ensure that he lives a healthy life. James visits his doctor at mid-year. The physician’s name is Bryan, a 41 year old white male. Bryan has a wife and recently received the news of the birth of his first born son. James arrives to the doctor for his yearly tests results. He is nervous, He is afraid to speak. The worst thing that he could imagine is getting some news about being ill. Bryan, the doctor, has some test results to provide that are not exactly good.
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