Analysis of Alan Roger´s Evidence of Evolution

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Evolution has been a constantly debated topic with central importance in defining the origin of man. Creationism is still a common belief in modern society, somehow maintaining validity through assumed truth; this belief attained its popularity many years before the concept of evolution itself, yet is the main opponent of the theory of evolution. Alan Rogers, author of In Evidence for Evolution, provides thorough arguments against creationism, ranging from molecular to morphological data. He argues that many creationists use “arguments from personal incredulity,” meaning that a lack of a fathomable explanation to a question is proof of an answer. Creationists are strong proponents of these arguments; rather than acknowledging the…show more content…
Some creationists argue that species can change within a population but do not evolve into new species. (Transition?) There have been many experiments performed to demonstrate this, but the level of hybridization is never completely brought down to zero; although this level steadily approaches zero, this is enough for opposition from creationists. If humans could live for thousands of years, maybe the demonstration of total lack of hybridization could occur. With this information in mind, the question remains: what defines “too much” hybridization to indicate no speciation (p. 13)? Rogers fails to address the actual definition of a species, which has not yet been plausible; the species concept is debated and overlapping. Rogers clearly states that he does not want to address this issue, only the issue of change within already defined species (p. 6). The definition of a species is context dependent, yet many scientists still attempt to define it in black and white. This debate, although extensive, is an interesting subject in which to gain a new perspective; there is no scientific doubt that species change, but the actual timing of speciation is an ongoing inquiry. The opinion of Alan Rogers would have made a reputable contribution to this debate. After having detailed evidence provided against their initial argument, creationists made an attempt to accommodate evolutionary theory. “Progressive”
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