Analysis of American Airlines' Competitors Environment

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American Airlines' Competitors Environment Analysis
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American Airlines' Competitors Environment Analysis
American airline industry is steadily growing at an extremely strong rate. This growth comes with a number economic and social advantage. This contributes a great deal to the international inventory. The US airline industry is a major economic aspect in both the outcome on other related industries like tourism and manufacturing of aircraft and its own terms of operation. The airline industry is receiving massive media attention unlike other industries through participating and making of government policies. As Hoffman and Bateson (2011) show the major competitors include Southwest Airlines, Delta Airline, and United Airline.
Analysis of objectives
The objective of United is to make a continuation of growth in the market share simply through offering the lowest rates in terms of fares. Currently, the health of US economy relies heavily on United Airlines. Businesspersons travelling have been seeking participation in meetings for companies through meeting spaces that are vital like the second life by telephone and videoconferencing. Many families have sought out from flying to location of vacations because of the economic downtown in the two previous years and the weak stock market, as well as concerns of job security. However, experts are trying to resolve the case arguing that the economy of United States is recovering. This is
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