Analysis of American Pie Essay

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As the song begins, the narrator seems to feel nostalgic about the music written by a certain person, and he describes the way that music made him smile (1-3). He misses the music from the past that could make people smile, and that could help them forget their troubles. McLean seems to be referring to the 1950s, which is clearer in the chorus of the song. As the speaker goes on, he says, “But February made me shiver / With every paper I'd deliver.” Here it is widely believe that Don McLean is referring to the death of Buddy Holly. He is said to have been delivering newspapers on his paper route the February that he learned of Buddy Holly’s death. The speaker identifies Holly by the month of his death, and the, “widowed bride,” (12)…show more content…
He thought that the Beatles were warning America about the racial conflict happening at the time. Manson wrote the title of the song on the wall in blood after committing the murders. In the line, “We all got up to dance / Oh, but we never got the chance,” the writer could be speaking about how the Beatles wrote songs meant for listening and not dancing. Throughout this verse, the writer talks about, “players.” I believe that here he is most likely referring to the many protesters around this time. He says, “sweet perfume,” (57) most likely to refer to the use of tear gas against protestors. He seems to believe that the government is corrupt when he says, “Cause the players tried to take the field (61). Here he means that the protestors tried to create change but the government would not allow them to make the changes. McLean continues his allusions to events happening around him and in the past, and he again ends the verse with his constantly repeated line, “The day the music died.” The next verse seems to focus on the events that happened at Altamont in 1969. “The flower children gathered at Altamont, 300,000 strong, in a frenzy of drugs, alcohol and escalating violence” (Fann). McLean is pointing out here that the ideas of the counterculture are obviously not going to
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