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1.) The main setting takes place in the beautiful, elegant, religious, Vatican City. The story pretty spread out throughout the Vatican in churches, especially St. Peter's Basilica, museums, the pope's hidden passageways, offices, and a lot of other interesting places. Vatican City is a beautiful city where an abundant amount of faithful living Catholics are located. This city is also where Christianity originated. In the middle of the entire city lies the most famous church in the entire world, St. Peter's Basilica. St. Peters is where a lot of important plot factors happen, so it is an important part of the novel. Also, there are an
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In order to prevent themselves from being revealed, they created the Path of Illumination to recruit new members. The Path of Illumination is made of all symbols scattered across the Vatican leading to four churches which will finally lead to the church of Illumination, the Illuminati headquarters. Robert mostly used his abilities as a symbology teacher to locate each church and stop the antagonist from killing a cardinal. Finding the antagonist was crucial not because of the life of a cardinal, but because the antagonist knew the location of the antimatter (antimatter is matter's opposite, if the antimatter comes in contact with matter it is obliterated). Robert used his symbology to solve what I thought might be unsolvable to other symbologists like him. In some parts, Robert had lady luck on his side and dodged death. Just like regular people such as students and teachers at Moreau Catholic, they sometimes have no other choice but to rely on luck.
6.) The main conflict of the novel is that an Illuminatus stole the antimatter from CERN (Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire) and hid it inside Vatican City. The antimatter is stored in a canister which lies on a console which continually charges the battery powered magnetic field that prevents the antimatter from touching matter. When this canister is taken off the console, the battery can live

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