Analysis of Animal Characters in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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Why are animal characters so popular in children’s literature? Why do they tend to be either fierce or friendly? How do animal characters impact children’s literature? In Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, the animal characters are very weird. They were supposed to guide Alice through the traditional fairytale world she has created, but instead they were negative influences on this child. I believe the audience expected that animal characters are supposed to because they are the ones who should be a role model for kids to look up or when they read it. Do the animal characters in Lew Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland disobey the animal characters in traditional fairytales? The animals in Alice argue with her, confuse her, and tell…show more content…
Since Alice saw him disappeared in the dark, it seemed that he was trying to drag her to go in the dark well. This rabbit behavior is very weird because it grabbed Alice’s attention and wanted her to go after her. In our world, the rabbits never want to grab our attention or want us to know where they are. From Del Toro’s Pan Labyrinth, it is connected to Ofelia when she saw the fairy tales in the wood. I am applying Fairytales as rabbit. When the rabbit hopped away and disappeared in hole, Alice was upset because she thought that it was supposed to guide her to the world that she has created just like Ofelia. In my personal experience as a kid, every time I see a rabbit or squirrel, I used to go after them. All the times, they went in the hole or in the wood. I was upset that I couldn’t go after them anymore just like Alice and Ofelia. Alice’s head struck against the roof of the hall and she was more than nine feet high. She sat down and began to cry. Alice felt very desperate that she was ready to ask anyone for help. According to Carroll 1865, p. 8, when the White Rabbit came near her, she began in a low, timid voice, “If you please, Sir-----“ The White Rabbit started violently, dropped the white kid-gloves and the fan, and scurried away into the darkness as fast as he could go. In my opinion, Lewis Carroll disobeyed the audience by using rabbit as animal character. He didn’t do what the audience would expect.
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