Analysis of Anne W Brigman's Painting 'The Heart of the Storm'

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The Heart of the Storm The Heart of the Storm, was completed in 1902, by Anne W. Brigman, and was given to the Getty Museum as a gift Michael and Jane Wilson Collection. This artwork has a broad range of meaning, and may indicate storms just about anywhere in the world. The Heart of the Storm evokes a feeling of impending damage and most people can understand that feeling regardless of where they live. Those who live in the Southern states, along the Gulf of Mexico, may particularly be subject to hurricanes, tropical storms and tornadoes if they live in rural areas. People who live on the Eastern seaboard are also prone to experiencing these types of storms, but to a lesser degree. Anne Brigman's painting is universal because almost everyone has experienced some type of "storm" at some point in their lives. Because of the universality of this type of work, it is hard to pin point exactly what location this painting depicts. It seems to be of biblical nature, as both people in the painting are scantily clad. The garb that both people are wearing, would remind you of paintings often displayed in the Bible. You can see it is a man and a woman, very likely lovers or husband and wife and they are clinging to one another outdoors. The clouds are not their typical white, fluffy shape as you would see on a sunny day. They are dark, low hanging and ominous, as usual whenever a storm hits. The visual elements are very subtle and the black clouds

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