Analysis of Architecture in Photography Essay

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Analysis of Architecture in Photography

I have decided to look at architecture for my next genre in photography. I have chosen architecture as it is very different to fashion photography and looks at totally different materials and includes different characteristics. In the early years of photography, few if any photographers were specialists in any area other than commercial portraiture, which was the main area in which a living could be made from the new medium. Early photographers did fairly often photograph buildings, often working from the window of a convenient room rather than at street level.

Many of the images from this era can truly be described as monumental, giving the subjects
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Even thought the photo only consists of blue, it is made up of lots of different shades of blue.

The lights on the building and around it stand out because they are a bright colour. I think the way the sea blue colour merges into the deep blue/black colour of the background works really well.

The photograph doesn’t really have a story to it, as there isn’t much going on, it doesn’t have energy or any movement to it at all. However it could easily be a scene used in a film, such as an establishing shot. The photo has a certain peaceful feel to it. It is soothing to look at; this is because it is a calm, quiet setting- you can almost feel your presence there, staring into the beautiful view. I think the reason that the photo has such a positive, relaxing feel to it is down to the fact that the composition of the photo reminds you of a deep blue sea or a clear black sky. The photo has strong verticals and horizontal, which emphasise a static feel and the negative space.

The picture has a large depth of field with the two buildings the centre point of it. Only natural lighting is used for this photo, therefore getting the exact time of day right would have been essential.

The photo also has some negative points to it. The angle at which the photograph is taken from makes the picture looks really flat and plain, For instance if
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