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Title: Cuteness and Loneliness
Life is full emotions like happiness and sadness. People sometimes feel happy, joyful, and cheerful, but sometimes sadness or depression. Edward Hopper and Takashi Nakamura draw their paintings to express different feelings. In Edward Hopper’s painting “Morning Sun” (1952), he displays the image of a woman looking outside alone in order to symbolize the woman’s feelings about “depression,” but also how she still has “hope” for her own life. On the other hand, in Takashi Nakamura’ painting “Kaikaikiki New” (2009), he displays the image of many cartoon-like characters in order to symbolize feelings of “happiness” Therefore, the two artists express opposing feelings in their works. In Edward Hopper’s painting,
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Her face tells me that she does not have courage to give up everything for her new life. She seems to be a single woman and looks tired of her ordinary life. However, her eyes, looking at outside, have strong feeling as well. She has a longing to her ordinary life somehow. Thus, she was sitting on the bed alone, holding her legs, and I can see her struggle for her life. Her eyes tell me her feelings of not only “depression” but also “hope.”
Also, in Edward Hopper’s image, he uses darker and brighter colors to symbolize the “depression” and “hope” in this image. Overall, brown and dark brown can be seen throughout the wall, and there is no warm color in her room, such as red or green color. The dark colors give the observer a sad and troubled impression, so the darkness symbolizes the woman’s depressed feeling. In addition, when Hopper colored her bed a bluish color, it gives me a cold impression, and she is sleeping on the cold bed during the night. However, Hopper used a lighter color on the place the sunlight spot. She bathes in the sunlight as well, so half of her body is brighter. It is because by painting a brighter color on the half of her body, the observer feels that the figure is receiving light straight at her. So, even though her face looks sad, she is still receiving light from her front so that it makes the observer feel that the woman still has

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