Analysis of “August: Osage County”

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Analysis of “August: Osage County” August: Osage County is a darkly comedic play which tells of a dysfunctional family struggling with timeless issues. It is the story that gets to my heart of human emotion and behavior that have the most impact. Most of the Weston family members are sharp and sensitive because they can be ability to make each other absolutely miserable. The first scene when Johnna who was an Indian woman was hired and a few weeks later Beverly disappeared, which motivated the family to come together to look for him. Later discovered Beverly had committed suicide. With the heat of everyone’s minds, the family secrets were revealed and tempers flied toward a shocking and result was in this relatable production. What Do We…show more content…
These situations happened during a short time, Barbara tries to protect every member, but it is too hard because she has a sharp-tongued mother. She let me think about Chinese culture. In China, the oldest daughter or son always support their family and tries to take care of her (or his) family. Everybody left the house, only Barbara stays and tries to help her mother. However, after many times argument with her mother, she nearly shares a tender moment, but she is too emotionally exhausted and drunk to consummate it. At the end of scene, Barbara realizes that her mother has slipped beyond her help and leaves the house. “August: Osage County” is a sad story. Mothers and daughters are verbally and physically abuse one another rather than exhibit kindness. There are two types of husbands which are docile and unmotivated, philandering and unreliable. I still do not understand why the Weston family is so vicious toward each other. The family seems to never trust each other and love come from their

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