Analysis of August Wilson's Fences

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How would you feel if you witness that your life has been a complete failure? This is the question that Troy Maxson, the leading character in the drama Fences written by August Wilson, had to live with for the rest of his existence. It is the year of 1957 in Pittsburgh, where African descendants escaped from the savage conditions they had in the south. They were living in a world without freedom. While the play develops, the author shows the 1950s as a time when a new world of opportunities for blacks begin to flourish. As a consequence, Troy, who grew up in the time before this, felt like a complete stranger in his own land. Even though he was a responsible man, he had to live with a black hole of bitterness, and resentment that impeded …show more content…
Although Troy wins the fight, he loses his son forever. The boundaries of each men break when there is no exit or meaning of existence. This lead Troy to feel a profound resentment for the world in general, thus marking a defining characteristic in Troy’s personality. For instance, he started questioning the impose duties on his demeaning job, exposing the difference between black and white men. Bravely, he made a complaint to his superiors to let the colored workers drive the garbage trucks as well. Even when he won the matter of his objection and made a great step for the African-Americans, he still didn’t appreciate what he has done, and what he has been given. It was simply not enough. Whenever he had the chance, he will show his discontent and the profound of his soreness. As soon as he was confronted by his wife Rose, interceding for Cory to let him play football, he always refuted. When Rose mentioned that the white baseball leagues accepted black players such as Jackie Robison he replied: “I done seen a hundred niggers play baseball better that Jackie Robison…Jackie Robison wasn’t nobody”. Troy spoke blinded by his resentment, ignoring that Jackie Robison was awarded the Rookie of the year for his phenomenal performance. In addition to these negative feelings, Troy also had another side; he was a responsible man. However, his responsibility as a family man will conduct him to
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