Analysis of Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account by Dr. Miklos Nyiszli

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Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eye­wit­ness Account by Dr. Mik­lós Nyis­zlI is a non-fiction mem­oir of a Jew­ish Hun­gar­ian med­ical doc­tor who per­formed alongside Dr. Josef Mengele in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz from 1944-45 to conduct “research” on Jews. This book is a lot to swallow and doesn’t beat around the bush, it’s straight to the point. Despite Dr Nyiszli being a German Jew at the time the Nazi party rose, he avoided the hard labor of the death camp. How’d he do that at Auschwitz In 1944? I’ll tell you No. A8450( Nyiszli) was handpicked by the Angel of Death himself to assist him in his “research going on in the death camp after being a volunteer doctor when he arrived. Personally I’ve always been interested in the medical side of…show more content…
Inside the enormous squares bounded by the pylons stood hundred of barracks, covered with green tar piper and arranged to form a long, rectangular network of streets as far as the eye could see.”(Nyiszli 17) The vast amount of detail provided by Nyiszli throughout the book was congenial I could close my eyes and imagine the landscape in front of me as if i was there. Later on in the book though Dr. Nyiszli’s detailed description aren’t always something you want to here as you can imagine because he describes the experiments and makes you feel there in the moment. Even non medical related moments are a bit dreadful because you can feel the pain of those who suffered and didn’t make it. One excerpt from the first time “ They Advanced with slow, weary steps. The children’s eyes were heavy with sleep and they clung to their mother’s clothes.” (Nyiszli 33) To witness such a thing and be able to write about it after everything he went through really showed he wanted the people to know anything and everything about what went on, leaving out no details so the skeptics couldn’t criticizes. You also discover later on what experiments Nyiszli was a part of. He happen to be assisting Mengele on both the Twins and Dwarfs experiments. His job for the Twins were to patrol Auschwitz and gather up any dead bodies of twins then perform autopsy before handing them off the Mengele for whatever he had in store. Some of these experiments Nyiszli was forced to handle them and
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