Essay on Analysis of Balran Halwai from White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

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Extended Essay ------------------------------------------------- Research Question ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Is Balram Halwai a rounded character or is ------------------------------------------------- he a mouthpiece of the author? Balram Halwai- Protagonist or Mouthpiece? Aravind Adiga’s The White Tiger’ is an epistolary novel consisting of a series of letters written by Balram Halwai, an entrepreneur who owns a taxi driving company, for the Chinese Premier, when he visits Bangalore. Balram Halwai is a man who has freed himself from the Darkness and now lives in the Light (The two India’s living side…show more content…
Introduction “The story of my upbringing is the story of how a half-baked fellow is produced... Entrepreneurs are made from half-baked clay.” (Adiga 11) The White Tiger tells the story of Balram Halwai, who rises from the doldrums of feudalism to join the bandwagon of nouveau riche entrepreneurs in the 'Silicon Valley' of India, Bangalore city. The fundamental aspect of the novel is Balram's character. He spin drives the story with his voice, through the other subject of the novel, the globalised India of the 90's and beyond. Balram grows up in a village so drowned in feudalism that the most a man can dream of becoming is a bus conductor, like Vijay, who has caught his fancy. “Me, and thousands of others in this country like me, are half-baked, because we were never allowed to complete our schooling.” (Adiga 10) Though he attends school initially, he is pulled out to earn money for his sister’s marriage. In school the inspector nicknames him 'The White Tiger', the rarest animal in the jungle. Balram, the hitherto nameless character, suddenly gets wind of his potential. Keeping this self-confidence throughout his life, he escapes from the village despite being made to work in a tea shop by his family. He 'escapes' to the city of Dhanbad and coaxes his family to give him money to learn driving. After getting his licence he wanders around the city looking for a job. He finally gets

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