Analysis of Bank of America's TV Commercial 'Portraits'

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Bank of America Commercial "Portrats"
Bank of America Ad of the Day (Thielman, 2013)
This advertisement shows a retro family as they progress through the years. It captures some of the family's memories which include some of the things that the children were involved in. Bank of America is leveraging its history as well as it services by showing the family as it progresses through time. At the end of the commercial, Bank of America admits that it is not a service that defines the family, rather one that allows the family to spend more time on the important aspects of the family's life. o What product/brand does the marketing initiative support? How would you classify the product convenience, shopping, or specialty product, or is the "product" a service? Why do you say this? (15 points)
Bank of America is advertising its brand and its comprehensive financial service portfolio rather than one individual product or service. There is no mention of any particular product or service throughout the entire commercial. o Comment on who is the likely target audience for the advertising or sales promotion program. What are the main objectives of the advertising campaign or sales promotion program? (15 points)
The target market is likely individuals who are old enough to have a family. You can extrapolate this from the commercial because such individuals would identify with the content in the commercial. o What company is developing the advertising (or sales promotion)? How
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